Zone 19 

This series is of my illustrative landscapes of Alien Sceneries. This idea was altered from my almost alien looking pen drawings of microscopic cells, bacteria and viruses. Studying about their mutated growth of different microorganisms inspired me as I imagined the unnoticeable impact around them under the microscope. Thinking in a personified perspective, it was as if the mutated microorganisms had a lot more power compare to the ordinary to be able to evolve into such aggressive effects and damages to health. While admiring the energy, I was also reminded that these cells and bacteria appear to be insignificant to our naked eyes. Instead of zooming in, I approached differently and evolve this idea by zooming out of the picture, exploring onto what I believe their habitat should be like. Using a distinctive palette and textured material, I gave dimension to the paintings to create an illusion of growth, creating a close experience with the mystic scenery of outer world of my depiction while I experiment materials spontaneously.